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At PURRadise we offer services that you can add on to your stay that will keep your kitty looking beautiful and well groomed. Our staff are patient and gentle and take the time to do the job not only to achieve a great result but also to keep kitty happy and secure during the process!!


Nail Trim


De Shed

The Shed Control is designed specifically

to target and reduce most of the undercoat and loose guard hairs which also dull the

coat. While shedding cannot be completely eliminated, you'll notice a huge difference

in the amount your cat sheds.


Belly Shave


Bath, Dry with Brush out


Potty Shave

Teeny Bikini for kitties who have troubles

only in the rear compartment - slightly less area than the Sanitary clip


Sanitary Clip

Like a shaved "Brazilian" for cats who get

elimination waste on themselves

where they go number one or two


Lion Cut


Lion Cut with Pelt Removal


Note to Parents for grooming

For cats with large areas of matting that can't be clipped out , pelt removal is a very delicate process that requires precision. Price will reflect time, difficulty and temperament of cat.
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