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We LOVE kitties!!!!

Purradise Lodge offers accommodations that are fit for royalty with full height 8 foot ceilings in each condo and at 4 feet wide to make your feline feel like they have ample room to spread out. Each condo contains multiple perches at varying levels inside and there are also perches in each condos private outdoor area or "catio". There is also a "common run" area for social kitties. There are geese, peacocks and many other forms of wild life to keep the kitties entertained.     

The condos are engineered uniquely with "swing out" technology for the litter/pellet containers so that, on cleaning, the receptacle swings out on hinges to insure that waste is not left on the condo floor. All of the construction is solid and hardy insuring safety for your fur baby. There is soft music played during the day which is transmitted throughout the condos and the there is temperature control so that it is always comfortable.

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