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The owners live on site however our staff who operate the cattery in addition to the owner have the following hours of accessibility:

*We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to care for the kitties however, due to staffing, we are closed to the public on Sundays and statutory holidays. This means that check ins and outs are not accommodated on those days.

If a kitty requires check in or out during these closed times other than statutory holidays then exceptions can be made if staff is available and then a pre arranged time will be agreed upon and a fee will apply. Otherwise, kitties can check in or out on the day before or after Sundays or Stat holidays.

*We open at 9 AM and close at 5:00 PM to the public.

*Check in time is 9 -11 AM or 3-5 PM 

*Check out time is 9-11 AM or 3-5 PM however, if we are fully booked any check outs in the 3-5 PM afternoon time frame will be placed in one of our smaller holding kennels until pick up. This is to accommodate the cleaning of the kennels for the next check in. 

Any exceptional circumstances that cause the pickup to be adjusted later than these times (missed airline connections or other situations beyond the parents control) may be accommodated if staff is available or the kitty would be picked up the next morning.

*If medications are required to be administered after hours - please be assured that this will never be neglected as we check the cats up until 10 PM every day.

*We offer pick up and drop off of your precious pet - this must be pre arranged and will depend on availability in the schedule of our driver. We will do our best to always accommodate you for the dates and times you need.

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